About Nicole Gabriel


NICOLE GABRIEL, MBA, is an author, professional speaker, graphic designer, life coach, and animal health and well-being coach. She is also a vegan nutrition coach. She has been a student and teacher of Peruvian Shamanism and Kundalini yoga (RYT500) for many years. She is a raw vegan food enthusiast, seeker of truth, animal rights advocate, supporter of women in technology, and the owner of Vegan Dog Treats and Angel Dog Productions. As a former auto executive from Detroit, she holds an MBA in Technology Management. She is certified in Transpersonal Psychology at the Master’s Level, has a B.A. in Communications, and holds a degree in Graphic Design and Commercial Art.

For more than twenty years, Nicole has studied business, personal growth and development, spirituality, health, nutrition, and wellness. She spent nearly a decade traveling the world in search of herself after a series of life-changing events—spending time in Central and South America working with shamanic healers, and more locally, studying the yogic philosophies of, in particular, Kundalini yoga.

Prior to retiring from a six-figure income in corporate America at age thirty-two, Nicole spent a decade in web-related technology management, marketing, and advertising as a “Big 3” automotive executive in Detroit. She followed that experience by successfully building and growing a $1.2 million per year chiropractic/spa franchise in three locations throughout Michigan.

Today, she lives on Maui, Hawaii, with her English Bulldog and Chinese Shar Pei. Among other things, she runs her businesses, Vegan Dog Treats (a healthy dog snack alternative) and Angel Dog Productions (designing websites, book covers, speaker presentations, and logos for aspiring new business owners and authors).