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Sell Yourself!

It’s quite an accomplishment to write a book, but who’s going to see it if you aren’t promoting it? It takes a bunch of disapline to sit down and write and sometimes the most challenging aspect is not the writing, but the concept of self promotion. Honestly, this is more important than actually writing the book. Not only does it take effort to promote it, but you need to have the most top quality marketing and advertising to stand above the rest, to feel self confident, and to get the word out about all the fantastic material in your book.

We offer an introductory package that will help get your book marketing efforts started. This package includes the following:

Marketing Package

  1. Business Card Design
  2. Mailing Sticker Design
  3. Social Media Banner Design
  4. Event Banner Design
  5. Chose one of the following:Speaker One Sheet, Press, or Book Release Flyer


NOTE: Items are $250 individually.