Stepping Into Your Becoming Hardcover

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Has that little voice in your head ever said, “It’s now time to step into your becoming?”

Do you feel it’s time to own and transition into your authentic powerful self? Are you ready to stop looking for something outside yourself and start becoming the person you wanted others to be for you? Nicole Gabriel has been there and she’s now ready to guide you on your rite of passage as you eliminate your mind chatter that holds you back and step into becoming your most divine self! Get ready to wash away all that isn’t working in your life, learn how to have faith in that little voice, and step into your authentic self and your authentic power. Through personal and transformational stories, introspective questions, and guidance from various spiritual traditions, including shamanism and Hawaiian healing principles, Nicole takes readers’ hands and leads them through the doorway separating the past from their glorious futures. Stepping Into Your Becoming is what happens when you consciously choose what you will believe in, how you will live your life, and you become fully responsible for your own happiness. It’s when you see yourself reflected in all things and then change yourself so the world you see will change and become what you desire. Finally, it’s about finding your true freedom. It’s time to see the wounds of your past as healed experiences. It’s time to step beyond your fears, to use your God-given gifts, and to own your power. Your greatness awaits you when you make the choice to step into your becoming.




About the Book: 

Publisher: Aviva Publishing New York

Page Count: 318

Library of Congress Control Number: 2015908419